A trip into my chaotic mind

I'm what? ...Confusing?...What? I'm confused..

Who is that?
Wow... I haven't posted anything here in over a year.
That. Is. So. Lazy.

I've lived in England, but I don't anymore. I kind of miss it, but I missed Norway more when I was living in Wolverhampton. So I guess for now, this is supposed to be my home. I got myself a flat near my mom. Still living with my fabulous cat. I couldn't bring him with me to England, so he spent the year with my mom.
As sad as it is, there isn't really much to tell. It's been an uneventful year. I've finished getting my BA in illustration, and I'm going back to wolverhampton in september for the graduation ceremony. I'm looking forward to going back and hanging out with some of the friends we made there.
The boyfriend is no more. Which I guess is good, because he turned out to be an ass. Not a complete ass, but still an ass.

I don't know what I will be doing this year. I want to do some courses in maths and chemistry and other subjects that I'm lacking to get into nutrition next year (she said and tried to pretend her grades were good enough to get accepted into that shit). If that doesn't work out, I don't really know what I want to do. It's to far away to care. I guess I'll just keep working like I've done for the last few years and see what I want to do.
But I really want to become a nutritionist so if I have to attend night classes to get my grades up to the ridiculously high standard that they want, then I might just have to do that.
Why did my grades have to be so...average? I'm starting to think that maybe, just maybe...I should have paid attention at school when I was younger. It's a strange thought.

Anyway. I'm at work now. I've been doing night shifts all summer, ever since I came home. It's well paid, quiet and I get to read a lot. Colour me happy. Even though the lack of sleep makes me kind of loopy, I like working nights.
And now it's time to do just that. You know...work...

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My body balance instructor is just too damn handsome. He's like...all...firm and muscular.
I like going to Body Balance. It's this new class we have at my gym. It's like a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and pilates. 
You get all flexible and stuff.

Chuck is the most awesome show ever.
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And then...you just aswer the questions?
This...is a meme. Fill it out if you are awesome. As I know you all are.Collapse )

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It's now 7AM.
I have been up since 6.30.
I've been awake since 5.45
I fell asleep around 4 AM.
So I've slept for about 1 hour and 45 minutes of the night...or morning.

This is how it's been for the last week.
I am seriously considering getting my doctor to give me something to help me sleep, because I am getting exhausted.

I'm working today...in the kindergarten. 8.30AM to 4PM.
It's going to be an interesting day. I just hope I don't pass out or something. Because right now, I'm not feeling to great.

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Is that really supposed to go there?

I'm lying on the floor. It's not very soft. But I'm really tired. I spent half the night not being able to sleep, and the rest of the night dreaming of not being able to sleep.
I woke up exhausted.

I want to cook, but I just can't be bothered. Not that I have anything to cook with, mind you. I have bread and cereal. I'd rather be hungry for a while. I don't want cereal.
I'll get groceries tomorrow.
Today, I'll just stay at home, waiting for mom to come and get the car.

I want to go to Ikea. Maybe I'll get mom to go with me one of these days. I need a new bookshelf. Mine is getting full.
Ikea rules. And they have hot dogs there, and ice cream and it's really good.
I always come back broke when I've been there. I'm tricked into believing that everything they sell is the answer to life's mysteries. So I buy all this crap I don't really need. I love it.

Today, I am doing laundry. It's very needed.  I'm down to my last pair of pants...socks and underwear. And towels. So I'm washing clothes. It's probably going to take all day, there's so much clothes.

I need to buy a memory card for my playstation. It's getting annoying playing Final Fantasy XII...everytime I die, I have to start over again...and I have to watch that insanely long intro. Yes...I get it....wedding, war, people dying, funeral....blah blah blah. Once is enough! So after the first three times I played it...and ended up dead on different occations, I decided to put it away until I got a memory card.

Moah...I think I'll just drink some tea and read fanfiction 'til my eyes bleed.
Step by step is a stupid TV-show...why can't I stop watching it?

I could be drowning, but I'm to much of a nerd to get it right.
I think I'm having a melt-down.

I just saw the preview for next week's Doctor Who episode. And...I'm supposed to wait a whole week for that.
I think I'll die...just might.

Not that this week's episode was bad...it rocked my socks to jupiter!
I like Donna.

I can't breathe through my nose at the moment. And I'm getting all stressed out about it, because it feels kinda like I'm not getting enough air, even though I am.
So I'm all panting and hyperventilating and pffffffhhhhh!
Where's my nose spray? Me needs to find it.

My kitty is weird. Quirky!
When I got up today, and walked into the kitchen, I found the towel that was hanging next to the sink in the bathroom lying on the floor. The kitchen floor. 
So the cat has been stealing my things again, not much of a surprise there. He does that from time to time, and he always leaves them on the kitchen floor. So I found another towel and hanged that in the bathroom, and then I went to work.
And then I got home two hours ago, and the first thing I see as I step into the kitchen...is that the towel I had found earlier today, was lying on the floor. In the exact same spot that the other towel had been. So I was like "Kitty...what are you trying to hide from me?!?"
He does this with everything. My socks in particular. But also...if he can get to it, he spreads my underwear all around the house. If there's clothes hanging out for drying, he'll steal something from there and put it in the kitchen as well. 
Why are you so strange, Othello?????

I wish I could breathe with my nose again.

No...I don't care if I have to go to work early in the morning. I'm watching Graham Norton!!!
 Man....I have a problem. I really need to stop this crazy internet-shopping.
That is, right after I receive the next package. Because I am really looking forward to that.
I ordered the complete Red vs Blue series box set. Can we do a happy face? I am doing it right now.
I love red vs blue.
I love Ragnheid for showing it to me...even though she didn't really know what it was.
I love Roosterteeth.
I love diet pepsi....but that's a completely different matter.

So it's been a few months since my last entry...what's new in my life?
I've started working in a kindergarten, in addition to my old job. Me needs to make more money.
I'm loving it. I really like kids, so I think it's great. It's really tiring, and I'm absolutely exhausted after a shift, but it's great.

The summer here....has come and gone.
Seriously. It was mad hot here for a few weeks. Water-shortage and the works and now? Rainstorms...thunder and lightening. Crazy wind. Woah.
I hope the sun comes back. I miss it.

Oh, to hell with it. A little more shopping won't kill me.

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We've entered March and spring is closing in. Or not. We had like...two days of sunny weather and yesterday, a blizzard.
A freaking blizzard. IN MARCH! I know we're kinda northy north up here, but seriously! God, lay of the drugs will ya!

This is global warming gone reverse!

All the busses got trapped, so I couldn't get home from school...and I was supposed to pick up my brother after swimming practice. Luckily I was only half an hour late, so everything turned out alright.

I have no idea how I'm supposed to get my homework done. *PANIC*
I'm such a procrastinator.

There are just so many things I would rather be doing. Like....playing my Wii. Because I bought myself one of those. And I'm playing redsteel....and looking like a complete dork while I'm at it. With the jumping and flailing and shouting. Love it.

A friend of mine wrote me porn. A wonderful schmunderful 11-page long FAKE-fanfic for me! Am I a happy gal or what!!??!!

Recently...I think I might have been using a little more money that what I actually have...but that's alright. I just have to starve for a week before I get my paycheck now. And THEN I can buy more Wii games.
Anywhooo! Bought Season 1 and 2 of House MD the other day...

mm...Hugh Laurie... I love him. Pretteeeehhhh!
And when I bought these two babies, they had this special offer....So I got to pick a double DVD for less than half the original price...they didn't really have a good selection, so I ended up with The Hills Have Eyes 1&2....I haven't seen the second one yet.

My moms fiance is celebrating his 40 birthday this saturday.....wonder if I'm supposed to buy him a present....because I'm broke. Really broke.

I have to do some homework now. Drawing stupid drawings for a stupid pretend gym-book! And I always hated P.E!
Skipped every single class...barely managed a passing grade.
P.E is disguised evilness where they force us to wear sweaty suits that multiple other sweaty bodies have worn before. AND they make us play stupid sports like soccer.
I hate soccer.
The ball is out to get me!

And I was like ..."holy shit, it's Hugh Laurie!!!"
Today has been a happy day.
I got food.
I haven't had any in two days....okay...I have eaten...just not at home...so, I haven't been starving, but seriously...I had no food.
So today, when I decided that a candy bar just wasn't going to cut it as food for a whole day, I had to call my mom and tell her that her little baby girl was starving and if she would please find it in her heart to drive her to the store so she could buy stuff to eat. MEALS!
Luckily for me, she agreed and presto...I am no longer hungry.

And also...a positive discovery was made today.
See, a few months ago, mom lost her wedding ring. Wedding rings actually. When dad died she had them....melted together or something...so they sort of...one ring..., yeah.
Anyway, she lost it a while ago, and it was really sad. Because it wasn't just her ring, but dad's as well, so she was pretty upset about it.
But then...today...someone at work called and said that they had found a ring that might be hers, and she called me a while ago and told me that the ring was safely back on her finger.
So I'm pretty happy for her. Losing it forever would have been terrible.
I mean, even I got sad about it, and it's not even my ring. But you know...it was dad's, and it's one of the few things we got left from him.

But it's not just joys and laughter today folks, because as I walked out the front door earlier, when mom and me went shopping for groceries, it was freaking snowing.
I hadn't noticed anything.
I had looked out the window a couple of times, but it's been to dark to see anything.
I saw wet windows and though, "oh, it must be raining, just as it has been everyday the last week."
But then...I go out the door and see the snow.
I usually love snow...but I don't feel ready for it yet.
I want more un-snowy days.

And on top of all this, I banged my knee in a table...so it's all bruised and tender now. Stupid piece of...furniture.

Let's talk about something else.

I recently bought Cinderella, A twist in time.
Childish, you might say....but I LOVE that movie.
I bought it because I had my little brother and my mother's boyfriend's daughter over for visit and I wanted to entertain them.
And because I wanted to watch it again...*glee*
My brother is like...nine years old, but he totally enjoys watching Cinderella and other similar movies with me....cause he's sorta girly, and he loves those....barbie movies....you know...like, Barbie and the nutcracker...or whatever.
It's fine with me...
At least he's stopped wearing dresses...(he had a phase when he was five or something).

It struck me the other day as I was talking to said brother and previously mentioned daughter of mother's boyfriend, that I know WAY to much about children-shows. This revelation came to me when we had a loud and long discussion about the show Kids Next Door.  I totally won.
I think I might have issues.
But I love cartoons.
They are fun.

I think that might be all I have to say today.

No kitty....don´t eat me!
Last thursday....four days ago...I got a kitten.
´tis a very pretty kitten. And it goes like....meow...moew...and occasionally some purr purr purr.
And it won't let me eat. Because he wants me to share.
Needy little bastard.
And he´s so pwetty. Pwetty kitten.
I named him Othello, and my brother made him a toy. Actually he just balled up some string and threw it at the cat, but Othello loved it.

And in other news...
I finished reading Neverwhere.
I think I might love Gaiman.
Not literally....
but you get the picture.


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